Are Great Hitters Born Or Made?


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Are great hitters born or made?

I believe it's both.

Great hitters are born because talent is REAL. Not everyone is going to play in the big leagues, and not everyone is going to get a trophy.

Here's the thing - you DON'T need to be the next Mike Trout to play at a high-level and get an education out of this game.

Who knows, maybe you will get a chance to play some pro-ball.

But if you're not a great hitter and you want to be made into a great hitter, you better get GREAT at being the best competitor on the field.

When I was coaching and scouting, my favorite player to watch was the kid who was the same guy every day.

Whether he was 0-4 or 4-4, he looked like he wanted to be there, high-fiving his teammates, and competing with calmness, toughness, and focus.

If you're not a great hitter, and you want to become a great hitter...learn to be a great competitor.

This is why I say that there's a benefit to playing multiple sports.

You learn how to compete while giving your arm a break.

You take a little time off the field and then all of a sudden, you're bigger, faster, stronger & smarter.

What's your opinion: Are great hitters born or made?

The winter break is here. Are you getting your work in?

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