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Steve Springer - Quality At-Bats

After retiring w/ the Mets, scouting for the Diamond Backs and then becoming the former mental coach & big league scout for the Toronto Blue Jays (8 years)...

...I realized one thing about baseball. Hitting is so mental it's mind-blowing.


Little League
I always felt I was a better competitor than I was a ballplayer. I was 4'11 and 90 pounds just before highschool.
I did not start my SR year in highschool. I lost my starting postion to a freshman shortstop. Spent my final year in high school coaching first base.
I got cut my Freshman year in college. The following year, I devloped into an All-State Short-Stop.
Pro Ball
Played 14 years in the minor leagues w/ a few stints in the big leagues. Two hits w/ the Indians & two hits w/ the Mets.

Quality At-Bats

Now I travel the country talking about the mental side of hitting to help hitters compete w/ 100% confidence.

Baseball is the biggest self-esteem destroying sport in the world. If you don't have a mental game, get a mental game!


Steve Springer - Mental Side of Hitting


Steve Springer is the former performance coach & major league scout for the Toronto Blue Jays.

After not starting in high-school his SR year, getting cut in college, Springer was drafted by the Mets after a break out sophmore season.

After years in the minor leagues, Steve eventually collected his first major league hit with the New York Mets.

Steve played over 14 years as a professional baseball player and compiled over 1,600 professional hits.

Over 35 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

He now travels and speaks across the country about the mental side of hitting while working and training with major league all-stars.

He resides in Huntington Beach CA, and is the author of Quality At-Bats and the founder of Quality At-Bats Academy.