How Do You Hit A Fast Pitcher: 3 QAB Batting Tips

how do you hit a fast pitcher?

First off - if you say "I'm in a slump", you're ignoring the biggest mental side of hitting principle, big time.

Slumps are yesterday.

Today is about competing with confidence.

Today is about slowing the game down.

Want to know how to slow the game down?

1. Slow your heartbeat

During the game, a good heartbeat is between 60-80 BPM. The only time I want your heartbeat over 80 is just after you hit a triple.

2. Slow your feet down

Slowing down your feet keeps your head quiet. Speeding your feet up ramps up your head movement and lowers your ability to see the ball clearly. 

Wanna make 80 mph look like 90 mph? Speed your feet up. If you want to make 90 mph look like 85, slow your feet down.

For some of you, this means cutting out the leg-kick.

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3. Anticipate the pitch

If you're thinking that you're gonna swing "if" it's a strike, it'll be too late.

Instead, assume the next pitch is GOING to be a strike. 

It's a strike until it's not.

The thinking is simple: 

Yes, yes, no on a ball and Yes, yes, Go on a strike.

Being ready for every pitch is how show up on time for the fastball.

If you want to be a good hitter, you have to be able to hit the fastball. If I tell you the fastball is coming, and you can't put a good swing on it, go play soccer. ;)

Being a good hitter is about having:

  • a good heartbeat
  • slow feet, fast hands, and a quiet head
  • the right approach

If you don't have a mental game, PLEASE train your mental game.

Believe it.


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