How To Make & Keep Baseball Fun.

How to be confident as a hitter

I’ll NEVER stop teaching "Compete w/ Confidence & Opening Day Mindset...

12u Parents...

...when you say your player has no mental game, they also have no physical game because they're still 100 pounds away from their "adult body".

Trust me - they will continue to develop as long as they don't quit because Johnny Testosterone, Yeller and Screamer Coach needs a Burger King Championship Trophy.

Here's how to make sure you rais a player who takes "quitting" out of their vocabulary.

  1. Build them up.
  2. Make it fun.
  3. Never let them forget that more than anything, you LOVE watching them play.

Their career will be over before you know it. Don't let it pass you by.

Watch: How To Make Baseball Fun [Free Video]


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