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Every hitter goes through adversity.

In my mind, if you haven't gone 0-20, 20 times, you haven't played long enough.

It's how you deal with not getting hits that dictate how good of a hitter you ultimately become, period.

It's easy being confident when you're 4-4 w/ 2 doubles, a triple and line-drive RBI.

Food tastes better. The ride home is fun, right?

It's when we don't get hits, that we start having the wrong player showing up.

When our goal is to get a hit instead of hitting the ball hard, we press.

Our confidence goes down because our batting average is going down.

Now comes the non-confident player.

The non-confident player isn't very good.

The non-confident player makes it about "them".

How do we get the confident-player to show up again?

We change what we think success is from getting hits to hitting the ball hard with an attainable goal to help the team win.

When we make it less about "you" and more about "you helping your team win"...

...the pressure disappears.

Now you're free to play with calmness, toughness & focus instead of pressure, tension and anxiety.

The question is, "how willing are you to get great at the mental game?"

The same level of confidence that you have when you're 4-4 can be the same when you're 0-4, but you have to set aside time to train that skill.

Let's get that mind right.

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