The importance of good hitting mechanics. It's not what you think.


As a coach, I'd rather have 9 guys with mediocre swings but were great competitors than 9 guys with spectacular swings but no mental game.

Like I've said 1,000 times.

"Hitting is about the approach, the mind and then the mechanics."

In that order, because you can have all the confidence in the world and the most mechanically sound swing on the planet...

...if your approach is off, you're gonna lose that confidence and your swing will break down.

Trust me, it's tough watching a young hitter with a $300 bat but a 2 cent approach at the plate.

If your compete level ever falls below your ability level, you'll underachieve.

Get the approach part right.

For me the mechanical side is simple.

Hitting is slow feet, fast hands, quiet head...

...taking a controlled, violent swing on a pitch I'm looking for.

There. I'm done with my mechanics.

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