Where Does Power Come From In A Baseball Swing?

Where Does Power Come From In A Baseball Swing?

Occasionally I get the question "Where Does Power Come From In A Baseball Swing?".  When I talk about hitting for more power, I start with "Attacking the inner-half of the ball".

Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger & Pete Alonso - these guys have STUPID power.

So how come they don't hit a BOMB in every at-bat? 

Well, I believe sometimes it's because they hit the wrong side of the ball.

They pull a pitch they have no business pulling so they get the weak grounder, pull-side or the hooked top-spin line-drive.

For hitters who want to learn where power comes from in a baseball swing...

...a good place to start is understanding a few key concepts.

1. Be a Good Hitter First. Power Comes Later.

Being a good hitter first means understanding the foundations of a Quality At-Bat. Walking up to the plate with confidence with an attainable goal to hit the ball hard and help your team win.

Power will come when you get your "adult" strength. Some of the best power hitters in the big leagues were consistent line-drive hitters in high school and college.

You don't have to be big to hit for power, but you do have to be strong.

Be a good hitter first. Power Come later.

2. Understand Count Leverage & Hunt Pitches

Hitting for more power gets easier once you understand when it's a good time to take controlled-violent swings. 1-0, 2-0, 3-1 and hitter's counts where you can't afford to let it "fly" a little and do some damage.

If you've been watching the pitcher, and you know he's been throwing the fastball in certain counts or has been hanging the curveball, you know what pitch to take an educated guess on.

Good power hitters are great at hunting pitches.

3. Slow The Feet Down 

A 92-94 mph fastball looks like a water balloon when you've seen it 5 at-bats a day every day during the season. Bring that on.

It's the guy that can sink it, spin it, and locate it who's tougher to hit.

How do you slow the fastball down while adjusting to secondary pitches while still making hard contact with controlled-violent swings?

Slow the feet down. Wanna make an 85 mph fastball look like 95? Speed your feet up. Where Does Power Come From In A Baseball Swing? Wanna make the spin and seams harder to recognize? Increase your head movement.

If you want to get good looks and see the ball as well as you can out of the pitcher's hand, slow your geet down and keep your head quiet.

Where Does Power Come From In A Baseball Swing - In Closing

  • Be a good hitter first.
  • Understand count leverage & hunt pitches
  • Slow the feet down & quiet the head

This isn't an overnight fix, and you're not gonna be leading the league in home-runs next week. 

Becoming a better hitter is about being in the oven, not the microwave.

Achieve incremental progress, daily and over time, you'll achieve breakthroughs at the plate.

Believe it.


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