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How to improve your baseball hitting mental approach..

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A hitter's baseball approach is extremely important. Keeping an even keel and staying focused on obtainable goals are keys for success.

By concentrating on attacking the inside part of the baseball and hitting the ball hard - you have set attainable goals. Read more...


Quality At-Bats™ DVD 'Mental Side of Hitting'

Steve Springer’s mental side to hitting Quality At Bats™ DVD gets your baseball focus right.

Baseball Tips - Instruction DVD

Spring's new baseball hitting DVD was filmed mostly at UC Irvine while Steve was talking the mental side at the Big Three Showcase to top collegiate prospects.

Steve’s mental side approach covers a wide range of topics from setting realistic attainable goals to the proper mental approach to hitting.

Spring's DVD Is A Game Changer

Spring was a professional hitter with over 1600 career hits. After watching Steve Springer’s new baseball hitting aid DVD your approach will never be the same.

Testimonials from players and coaches at all levels - youth, high school, college and professional all confirm the success of hitters who improve their mental hitting approach and benefit from the Quality At Bats™ CD and DVD.

Baseball Hitting Tips - Instruction

Get your baseball focus right. Spring's emphasis coaching the mental side of hitting is a proven hitting approach. Receive Spring's unique hitting strategy and mental approach on video.

"The Mental Side of Hitting" DVD also contains powerful teaching tips while Steve is explaining, and demonstrating hitting the inside part of the ball. Let Steve teach you how to recognize the ideal type of power backspin that can be achieved when properly hitting the inside part of the ball.